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Brides… Come Forth!!

January 28, 2017

After having trained Ashtyn (and sometimes her twin) for about 4 years, she started asking me about a bridal Bootcamp in September 2016. I had thought about a Bootcamp for brides before but never took the initiative to execute the idea. She asked a few more times and then she showed me her dress(es)!! When I saw these dresses, I knew I couldn’t ignore her request. She’s already fit, but I could see what Ashtyn was going for. 

Any business venture has to make sense, so Ashtyn polled other brides about times, price, location and emailed me a contract. Can you tell this is a business woman? I love Ashtyn’s zeal. Well… we had our first session tonite and 13 women came and got uncomfortable with me. It was awesome. 

This is a 10-week Bootcamp. January 27-March 31. Can’t wait to see the results and these women in their dresses. 

If you’d like to join us email me at 

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